Telephone Triage

Telephone triage is an increasingly popular and effective method of attendance management. It is particularly valuable for organisations with a large workforce that is geographically widespread, offering a timely and cost effective intervention. It offers early management of musculoskeletal symptoms, with research showing this can lead to a quicker recovery and thus a reduction in sickness absence.

The principle is simple, in that employees reporting musculoskeletal sickness absence are automatically managed by our telephone triage system. A telephone consultation is conducted with the employee, which offers a Day One solution to any musculoskeletal condition. This facilitates early access to expert assessment after which advice and self-management is provided specific to that individual and their symptoms.

Advice issued over the telephone is also reinforced with appropriate literature, which is posted or emailed to the employee. Contact is then regularly maintained with each case in order to assist a managed returned to work and/or speedy access to formal assessment and treatment.

Our statistical analysis has proven the effectiveness and benefits of telephone triage and it remains one of our core service provisions for a number of clients.


  • Early access to appropriate assessment and expert treatment
  • Quicker recovery from an onset of musculoskeletal symptoms
  • Faster access to formal assessment and treatment when necessary
  • Reduction in musculoskeletal sickness absence
  • Sickness absence is more rigorously managed by one central system
  • Helps to counteract against the misuse of a sickness absence policy
  • Prevents inappropriate referrals to occupational health