Ergonomic Analysis

Ergonomics is the analysis and application of scientific information relating to the design of objects, systems and environment for human use. It encompasses everything that involves people such as work systems, sports & leisure and most importantly health and safety.

Ergonomics concerns everyone at work and is about:

  • Designing workplaces, equipment and tasks to fit the worker
  • Making work and equipment safer, easier and more productive
  • Improving health & safety, by reducing accidents and cumulative injuries
  • Improving job satisfaction
  • Ensuring you fulfil legal requirements

Treatment Solutions is well experienced in this area through our work with a variety of organisations. Our ergonomic workplace analysis is conducted with consideration to relevant Health & Safety Executive regulations and guidance. Most importantly our analysis is always bespoke to your company, the employee and the work task/equipment.

Our core components are to:

  • Identify what the problems are
  • Assess the ergonomics in relation to the individual, equipment, environment and task(s)
  • Specific task analysis
  • Specific moving & handling task analysis
  • Equipment design