Physiotherapy Provision during the COVID Pandemic

As with all Healthcare services since March 2020 and particularly with our Physiotherapy colleagues in the NHS, we have evolved to deliver Physiotherapy assessment and treatment via virtual consultations in consideration to guidance issued by The Chartered Society of Physiotherapy. With the option to then see patients face to face depending on the requirements of the contract and ability to accommodate such within the facility where the service normally operates.

Virtual consultations

Are available and can be conducted using either video consultations e.g., Microsoft Teams, Skype, FaceTime, WhatsApp etc. Or via telephone consultation, email and mobile messaging.
During the consultation, the Physiotherapist will obtain further information regarding an individual’s symptoms and their history. Upon which, they will then issue appropriate advice and exercises to aid recovery. This will be supported by literature emailed / posted out.

For example, The Chartered Society of Physiotherapy has a useful source platform of condition specific advice & exercises:

Further information and additional queries:

Please email or telephone 0780 494 1019

updated: Jan 2021.

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